Hello, Chapter 25


Today is my twenty-fifth birthday and I feel indifferent. I wish I could talk about how happy I am to reach such a major milestone, but I can’t because that isn’t how I feel about it. However, what I can tell you is that I feel blessed. Blessed to not only see another year, but blessed to be surrounded by amazing individuals who continue to help me elevate my purpose.

I’ve never imagined what this point in my life would look like – where I would be, what I would be doing. But, every day as I learn more about myself and how to create the life I want, there are many people along the way who have and continue to help me in more ways than they may know.

"We are never along in our struggles. Owning our truths and sharing our stories is what will free us in the end." – ALEX ELLE

While I intended for this post to highlight celebrating my birthday, I’m choosing to celebrate the people and life situations – both good and bad – that have helped me reach this point instead. As the birthday messages roll in and people choose to highlight me as their source of inspiration – I must make it known that I am as equally inspired by every single person that I am surrounded by. You all push me to tell my stories, walk in my purpose and own my truths.  

As I sit here writing this, I can truly say that I’ve become more comfortable with owning my truths and sharing my stories than I’ve been in the past. Sometimes it’s hard to do so, but necessary. For me, it isn’t so much about making myself feel liberated, rather it’s more about being able to connect with people through shared experiences so we can all find takeaways that apply to our respective daily lives. There is strength in knowing that your struggle isn’t just your own.

Your purpose is your purpose. Your love is your love. Your light is your light. Your walk is your walk. Lean into that truth and own your personal journey fully without comparison. – ALEX ELLE

I was asked how I felt about turning 25. The answer is hopeful.

All your twenties feel the same? Bullshit.

You should have “it” all figured out by twenty-five. Nah.

If I could sum up my greatest life lesson over the past 25 years it would be this: Love yourself in all ways. It’s not enough to just love yourself on the good days. You must love yourself on the bad days too because that’s when you need it most. However on those days when you can’t find it within you, please know that there are people willing to lift you up.

If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being my inspiration. It’s because of you that I share my stories in hope that they can uplift someone else.

Here’s to chapter 25 and I’m looking forward to making it a great one.