Travel x The KLJ Way: Pocono Mountains


I look forward to getting out of the city occasionally, even if it's only for a weekend. The city can get overwhelming at times, so leaving to regroup is important for me. Over the weekend, I traveled to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania for a friend’s birthday. While the drive on Friday night looked like the beginning of a horror movie, the view on Saturday morning resembled a setting described in a novel. The air was brisk, the color of the leaves were vibrant and the energy was calm.

The highlight of the weekend for me was hiking at the Pocono Environmental Education Center. While hiking in the cold weather and being sick at the same time wasn’t ideal, the scenery was well worth it. Being in the woods with a low phone signal allowed me to disconnect and do some much-needed introspection. Self-reflection (no matter how busy we may get) is important to do every so often, if not daily.