Letter from the Editor: Darling, I've Got to Do Things My Own Way

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Dear Reader,

It took me a while to get to this point – writing this first blog post that is. From the idea phase to creating my mood board, I grappled a lot with whether creating this space was something I wanted to do because at times the vision I wanted wasn’t very clear. Once that vision became clear, I still sat on it not realizing the only thing holding me back was myself, considering I had the resources and skills to make my vision come to life. While it took me over a year to give life to this space, I learned that I had to do it in my own way – on my own terms – and not because it was what other people wanted for me. I needed to want it for myself. I had to learn that it is okay to move at my own speed instead of the pace life was trying to set for me.

So here, today, I present to you The KLJ Way (TKW), a destination for women who like to play by their own rules and forge their own paths. With a focus on style, lifestyle and everything in between TKW aims to empower and uplift while creating a community of like-minded individuals. From highlighting my favorite restaurants to sharing lessons I learned the hard way – I hope that as much as you gain from me, I will gain from you as well because I am far from having everything in my life all figured out. But that’s why they call it a journey. It’s a marathon, not a race.

“It's a beautiful thing when women are not only open about their truth, but they're walking in it.”

Before I sign off, I am calling on you to make your own rules, shine your own light and help someone else along the way. My best friend Brianna McCullough always says, “It's a beautiful thing when women are not only open about their truth, but they're walking in it.” So, may we be open about our truth and walk in it in our own way, unapologetically, without feeling pressured by societal norms to fit within a certain box.


P.S. I owe many thanks to the people who helped me reach this point, clearly saw my vision (even when I couldn’t at times) and then helped me execute it. Whether it was suggesting I pick a different layout, taking my pictures or giving me name ideas (thanks Whit!) – I greatly appreciate the support because they helped me breathe life into TKW.


Kyra Littlejohn